The project I am working on is a travel website. The company is a small family owned business that does not currently have a site. The goals of the site are to show the available tours customers can sign up for & get them to call for more information. After planning the features and designing the site I began to code the basic structure in HTML. Going in, I figured I would make it easier for myself by writing the larger parts of the code that is repetitive using JavaScript. Needless to say I was wrong about that. Let me give you a little historyRead More →

My first fully solo project without any tutorials or code alongs.  The process and/or work flow I followed has been a little bumpy so far. I have to establish a routine and workflow for how I will continue to work from here on process. I figured I should begin to figure out what works and what doesn’t along the way. Even if this is my first project for front end web development that includes user interaction with the site. I would like to share my processes so far and the tools, resources, & workflow that I use. Tools:  I have been using Atom (my textRead More →

My goal for this blog is to share my learning experiences as I work through learning JavaScript and becoming a better web developer with the ultimate-goal of freelancing and/or find a job in Front End Development. I hope, that by sharing my experiences it can help at least one person who is beginning their journey or even already on it!  I have been learning JavaScript off and on for the past few months. Now I have the time to finally focus on this full time outside of my job. I am already proficient in HTML & CSS but as always I could learn more! IRead More →