I accidentally fell in love with the backend

I accidentally fell in love with the backend

During one of the Udemy sales several months back. I purchased a few courses. One of them was “The Web Developer Bootcamp” and another one was “The complete Node.js Developer Course(2nd edition)”, just to name a couple. These along with a few others changed the game for me. I always thought that the front end was where I wanted to be. I had plans on going full stack way later down the road. I had no intention at all to work on the backend this soon.

I started with “The Web Developer Bootcamp” taught by Colt Steele. I immediately skipped to the JavaScript portion as I was already comfortable with CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, and jQuery. Then I began the Back End basics and it was all downhill from there.

Working on the backend is amazing. The amount of flexibility, creative range, and versatility you get when creating apps & sites from the backend is addicting. You have a lot more control, it is fluid, I also love how dynamic it is. The way you can generate content under certain conditions, control and fine tune everything down to the smallest detail is mind blowing to me. The more I learn the more I love it and want to lear more!

I had no intentions what-so-ever to focus on the backend. It sort of happened overnight. I didn’t think I would love it this much but I do. Working on the backend can sound so intimidating but it really isn’t once you jump in.

The technologies I have been working with is NodeJS, ExpressJS & MongoDB so far. Before I started working with these technologies and wiring code with them every day. I Was having some trouble understanding closures and callback functions. I am not sure how this happened exactly but since working Node and Express I understand these techniques without issue now. In general, I understand how JavaScript works more as a whole. It sparked a lightbulb in me with JavaScript on the things I were struggling with. In return, my code is cleaner, more advanced & overall better. I still have a lot to learn but I feel I am finally on the right path!

I have never been this excited about code before. I was excited with the front end but this is a lot geekier if that is even a word. I love interacting with the server, databases and making content more dynamic. I will still do Front End projects but if the project allows it I will now be focusing on the backend even more. Full stack is definitely the way to go if you have ever at all been curious to try it. If you have the time go for it! It is not a decision I regret at all. I am not even sure if I made the decision to really commit to it. It made the decision for me and called me in and I am here.

A few projects I have been working on since I last updated here was a YelpCamp app, blog app, user authentication app all from the backend. The other two were from the front end to make a Pomodoro app in vanilla JS and the travel site.

News about the travel site I was working on before all of this. I showed the company the site I was making based on their company and they have decided to move forward and use it as the site for their business. I was working on the backend projects while they got the content to me. So I will be working on integrating that and getting it live in the coming weeks as well. I have a lot of code to write and I am eager every day to jump right in and get right to it! I will have more updates coming soon on the new tools I have added to my arsenal during my backend adventure as well. Please go and check out my GitHub account GitHub: @anygivensolutions and follow it to keep up to date on the code I write. Everything I make I push it there with frequent updates through out the night ( that is when I work best). Good luck to you all, keep coding, it gets easier!! Happy coding.

-P.S – take the time to learn your tools(apps) keyboard shortcuts. Get in there and use the terminal. I now have the terminal to open up at start up. I use it to navigate my computer. With the terminal and keyboard shortcuts, I am barely touching a mouse these days. After about a week of doing this, a mouse is not needed much and you can move around much faster and keep your hands on the keys!


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