Introduction to coding

Introduction to coding

My goal for this blog is to share my learning experiences as I work through learning JavaScript and becoming a better web developer with the ultimate-goal of freelancing and/or find a job in Front End Development. I hope, that by sharing my experiences it can help at least one person who is beginning their journey or even already on it!  I have been learning JavaScript off and on for the past few months. Now I have the time to finally focus on this full time outside of my job. I am already proficient in HTML & CSS but as always I could learn more! I originally thought my passion was web design and I went to school for that for a while. I found I wasn’t happy with that but I still wanted to be involved with the web. I found myself always tinkering with HTML & CSS and a light went off that I should be coding. Fast forward to now and that is what led me to get into learning JS. When I am not coding, I love to watch a good movie & sports, especially during the playoffs (Go Celtics!) ! I also have a love for tech in general in addition to writing code, a bit of a geek you could say.

What I am working on to date:

As of right now I am working my way through Free Code Camp, Eloquent JS & I am beginning a personal project. I will have more details on that later once I work them out.


I am at the Basic Algorithm Scripting challenges. I am just starting this section. I haven’t decided if I will post my solutions here or not. If you are interested in seeing them, please let me know!

Eloquent JS

I have been reading through this book over the last couple of weeks. Originally I was working through the challenges at the end of each chapter. But honestly I stopped, instead of working through the challenges. At the end of each chapter or as I came across a topic. I would practice the concepts I learned with my own sort of exercises and play with it in the JS console. I also read more about it in the MDN (Mozilla Developer Network) to learn more about functionality and that has been my process so far with that book.

Team Treehouse

I was using this site for a little while but I found myself watching more videos of coding than coding. Sure, I could code along with the videos but I just felt like I wasn’t getting enough out of them for my learning style. Plus, I wanted to listen to music it helps me while I learn and I couldn’t do that while watching videos so I jumped ship on that quickly. That is what lead me to FCC.

Personal Project #1

My mother owns a travel agency and she does not have a website. I have built a few for her in the past but nothing on the level I am trying to build this time by adding interactivity for the users. In the past it has always been built with HTML & CSS. The target audience is mostly retired and older people. So, that will be a unique and interesting challenge for me especially accessibility wise.

To recap right now my current learning resources are FCC, Eloquent JS and the MDN. I am taking what I have learned from there and apply it to the problems I need to solve with my project #1. I usually carve out a bit of time each day to focus on either one of these. It seems to be a system that I have found that works for me. I would recommend the same for you. It may take some trial and error but just find what works for you and roll with it!



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